Jealous Devil Charcoal

BBQ charcoal that packs a punch

At last Jealous Devil charcoal has arrived in Sweden, after struggling for many years with the charcoal dust mix readily available from the local suppliers up pops the real McCoy.
my trusty old & beaten up BBQ scout smoker is up for a real test tonight

"chunx" Charcoal


Trying out the XL lump charcoal "chunx" and the restaurant grade Binchotan "onyx"

What a pleasant surprise it was to open up the "chunx" sack and find decent large pieces of charcoal. Charcoal logs as big as beer cans!

"I'm freely using the beer can size as an internationally recognised size measurement that many BBQ enthusiasts can relate to"

Another bonus is that neither the "chunx" or the "onyx" contain charcoal powder or dust, and as secondary bonuses this quality product automatically reduces the risk of soiling the set dinner table or your guests clothes, these obviously for the discerning BBQ enthusiasts are not so important but worth keeping in mind as friction free bonuses.

The the big win is that theres max charcoal for your purchase and that the content specifications are real, and this doesn't happen every day.

almost ready, like putting a Porsche motor in a VW beetle

Hotter than hell

All fired up and almost ready to go, the BBQ scout with it worn out grill bars and lone star emblem.

Funny how a German grill can have a Texan emblem.

I added on a chimney of "chunx" to a bed of binchotan "onyx" the result was exactly as stated on their marketing information hotter than hell, but not only hotter than hell it burnt long and slow and kept its heat much longer than the locally purchased soot.

Heavy metal charcoal


Here is all the technical info you need re binchotan "onyx" no smoke means its ideal for an enclosed or restricted area eg, hibachi grills or professional restaurants with coal grills kitchens.

As the brochure says the charcoal feels somewhat metallic, it sounds a little different as well kinda hollow with a metal clang.

Heavy metal charcoal.

size wise the "onyx" stands up both ingredients add taste

The "chunx" spec, again "chunx" burns hot & long, the big chunks also have the hollow metallic sound as the "onyx" a clean burn with minimal smoke and no sparks.

The size comparison again nothing wrong with these big fellas.