Nepo kitchen revisited 2015

Lasse Majas Wärdshus, Stockholm, Sweden

Handing over the kitchen operation to the newly appointed executive chef; analyze the recent Christmas Smorgasbord operation from 2014’s Christmas season, ca. 6900 guests during the 4-week period.

Friend’s Arena Stockholm, Sweden

Back at Friend’s Arena Sweden’s national football stadium, after some management changes I was asked to reopen the arena kitchen as interim executive chef for a three-month period and then coach in the new executive chef.

Kitchen support chef at Fritdsresor “blue Village” resorts

I visited two sister resorts on the Greek island of Crete as corporate chef during the seasonal preopening and start up. Quality control and concept adherence at these two fantastic beach resorts at Caldera.

Then a few days in Mallorca in the same corporate roll at a large & busy 1500 guest resort in Alcudia. Then back across the Mediterranean to Side in Turkey, when its 40° in the sun its even hotter in the kitchen, it’s fantastic to meet a focus driven and flexible team looking for improvement, it makes my role so much easier. A visit to Sardinia, Italy just north of Alghero was next on the trip menu, a new resort in the Blue Village portfolio. Concept alignment and implementation as well as a focus on quality control and meeting guest expectation was the order of the day. Very interesting as well was observing the Italian slow food, ecological and local food ideas at the resort and in the local area.

BBQ World championships

Earlier in the year I joined Barbecue Blues BBQ team, in July we competed in the simultaneously in the Swedish, Scandinavian and world BBQ championships. For our efforts we achieved a 3rd place in the Swedish competition, 6th place in the Scandinavian and 18th place in the world standings, in hindsight we learned that we had been penalized with point deductions that would’ve lifted our standings considerably. At the moment we are waiting the announcement of the site of the 2016 European BBQ championships, we hope its close enough to make the journey.

Lasse Majas Wärdshus, Stockholm Sweden

Late in the autumn I’m back at Lasse Maja in Stockholm some unexpected staff turnover created a hop in executive chef roll during the recruitment process. The position became almost full time as the conference season kicked in. My roll continued, with a focus moving to long term planning and the implementation of the Christmas smorgasbord and festive season. We had a great Christmas season breaking the all-time high over 7200 guests for the Christmas smorgasbords. The new executive chef started the 1st December so the handing over of the operation at the same time was all part of the challenge.