Nepo kitchen consulting – Truffle import. Manjimup, Western Australia – Stockholm. After a study visit to Manjimup and some of the local Truffle farmers in early 2018 Nepo decided to import and sell fresh Australian truffles in Sweden. We’ve set up and implemented a direct source Truffle import from Manjimup. We have secured a 24-hour delivery from grower in Australia to wholesaler in Sweden, the speed of this direct delivery guarantees freshness and quality here at our point of sale. We are proud to be working with Australian Truffle Traders a cooperative of 12 local farms who pool their knowledge and resources as our trading partners in the Manjimup region. This is our first year and we’re happy to say our venture is working problem free. Manjimup region produces over 90% of Australia’s Tuber melanosporum harvest.

Since the industry idea and implementation in the 90’s Australia has become the world’s fourth largest producer of winter truffles with over 14 harvested ton 2017. Western Australian truffles fuel the demand of the fresh truffle market in the northern hemisphere during our summer season. The harvest and availability of our truffles runs from the middle of June until the end of August and has a peak in July.