Get away to Provence.

Domaine Rabiega, Provence.


A little summer break at Domaine Rabiega could be just what the doctor ordered.


sunrise over the vineyard from our terrace

Domaine Rabiega

Domaine Rabiega is a vineyard with 28 newly renovated rooms. It’s situated a few km outside of Draguignan in the Var region, Ca. 90 km west from Nice.

If you are going to stay a few days, then a car will be very handy to get around and explore some of the local villages and to do some sightseeing, if you fly into Nice then take a car from the airport, if you opt for the train, the nearest station is Les Arce which is still 20 minutes away.

grape vines through the olive trees

A real continental breakfast

We took an excursion down to the beach 29C. and 27C. in the water, nice beach weather all summer here in the riviera, we also visited a village market, every small town/village has its own weekly market day, observing these market days is the easiest way to experience French culture firsthand.

Here one can buy direct from stall holders what we in other European countries deem gourmet products as well as locally grown seasonal produce of the highest quality or just watch the locals go about their daily business.

So, what’s it all about, Domaine Rabiega, is what I call a vacation vineyard, i.e. featuring newly renovated, well-appointed, and comfortable rooms. The rooms are decorated with the pastel colours of Provence and have fantastic views of the vineyard.

A real continental breakfast, “usually a continental breakfast is the crappy cheap alternative with a few bits & pieces and dried up cheese if you’re lucky”. Rabiega lay it on, a quality breakfast to 100% which you can wash down with some local sparkling.

continental breakfast cheese selection

The restaurant is nice and relaxed, informal al fresco, open for both lunch and dinner the a la carte menu features local dishes from both the charcoal grill and wood fired oven, there’s also a private banquet room for conferences and weddings.

artesian bread for breakfast

Domaine Rabiega is now back in Swedish ownership and is in the middle of an investment development and quality phase aimed at re-launching the wine back to its former glory of full-bodied long-lasting wines, and of course establishing the vineyard as a destination.

Domaine Rabiega fits snugly into the quiet everyday French countryside and offers an extremely relaxing atmosphere where time almost stands still.

the patio area outside the restaurant

A drink by the pool

Relaxing around the pool is a good way to wait in your next meal or wine tasting. The Rabiaga team were very helpful, taking the time from their hectic harvest schedule, for a show around and tasting.

The different grapes fully ripen to harvest potential at slightly different periods during late August, whereupon the vineyard becomes a hive of activity.

Avoiding the hustle and bustle with a drink by the pool becomes a fine alternative.

take a refreshing dip during the hot summer

And so how was the wine?

We tried a couple during a tasting, I always feel a bit unprofessional at wine tasting, regretting having to spit it out and wanting to ask for a little more in the glass. I always seem to forget my previous experiences and references making judging difficult and somewhat pretentious. I've used some of the available tasting notes to sound a little more professional.

Triplette Rabiega

Rosé 2021

Grape variety: Ginsaut, Syrah, Grenache, Carigan

A true provencal rosé wine with a pale pink colour, floral nose, fruity and elegant mouthfeel, crisp and refreshing on a hot summers day with out any of the extreme strawberry and raspberry overtones which often dominate rosé.

Rouge 2019

Grape variety: 70% syrah, 30% cabernet Sauvignon

A quality driven selection of existing vintages from 2019 & 2020, 14,5% alcohol, a big red with a powerful nose with a beautiful balance and noticeable fine oak. Will improve with ageing up to 10 years.

Clos Dière La Barrique 2020

Violet, red colour, very fruity nose, dark and red berries with a long after taste, with well integrated oak flavours from new barrels, age for ten years plus, this wine is also available from the the cement egg fermentation process. La Barrique features a barrel on the label, the cement egg features a large egg shape on the label, its all new for me as well. a premium red wine just released for sale.

Ergo Bibamus Blanc 2021

Grape variety: 1/3 sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, viognier

A typical generic wine beautiful length and balance drink now or keep handy a couple of years. Goes well with sunshine, good company, pan fried seafood, shellfish, light asian dishes.

iconic Provençal landscape all you need for a well earned escape