Dubai - World Expo

Dubai - The Big Pose

Some cities are called the big apple, the big easy, the Venice of the north etc. after almost 7 months in Dubai I’ve decided that Dubai should be called “the big pose”.

Dubai itself is a super modern, fast developing and expanding city, every new building has its own thought-out wow factor, the existing city, it seems like every city decision is made to impress someone.

The city as I left last week will be different next time I visit, even if I’m a bit negative towards my visit/time in the city I hope to get back there mainly just to see how its changed. This fast-moving city is built on this simple equation,
Cement & greed = Dubai

Here i am posing on the way into one of Dubai's exclusive restaurant/night spots, mind you I had to wait in line with the more professional media hounds.

Cars, cars, cars

Dubai is a smog filled high rise city fuelled on the internal combustion engine, cars, cars, cars among the multitudes are many super cars that are just great to pose besides, hire, admire, or just gawk at in wonder.

There are many traffic shots to awe at in Dubai, this photo surrounded with it's Arabesque design makes it almost religious depending of course on what you believe in.

“Instagram city”

It's ok to take photos join the throngs take them off anything everybody does it, at yourselves or at any of the Instagram friendly city scapes.

One sees the occasional electric car but here gasoline is king and cheap, the needed exhaust free generation hasn’t been born yet.

During the last days of the expo “Instagram city” there were so many people standing around taking photos of themselves “me among them” we were clogging up the walkways so much that it was hard to move around or walk to the metro. Dubai has a super modern, comfortable, and immaculately clean driver free metro.

hire a Lamborghini for a day


Dubai Metro

Every train has a women’s and children’s carriage as well as a gold/first class carriage. At peak hour all the carriages are full, but the gold option is the best deal, travelling in the economy class on a normal ticket is extremely tight, - sardine tight. Dubai needs desperately more public transport, busses, trains, trams etc, to move the hoards, alleviate the traffic jams and to reduce the CO2 emissions.

Dubai is one of the world’s biggest single city tourist destinations its full of spectacular man-made sights but apart from its very nice beaches Dubai has absolutely no natural beauty so to speak of. Cement, glass, overpasses, underpasses, bridges, flyovers, tunnels, cloverleafs ect, dominate. Like in many modern cities the taxi drivers know where the landmark buildings are.
Many tourists are drawn as moths to the lure of bright lights to shopping in Dubai’s glitzi and glamig shopping malls but the best value for money in Dubai are taxis, petrol, and smaller ethnic restaurants.
My best tourist tip for Dubai is the Abra boats that cross the creek between the Bur Dubai souk market and the spice souk.

City scapes fly by on the metro, front window, front wagon, here you can clearly see the smog.

hop on hop

The hop on hop of commuter transport only costs 1 dirham to experience a short journey into real Dubai. If you are interested in food, take a look at the waterfront fish market.

The fully loaded Abras are an escape from the cement jungle

The spice souk and gold souk

Dubai Souks

The spice souk and gold souk are also worth a visit. Many venture out into the desert, a peaceful sandy experienced while some opt for the somewhat idiotic high octane dune bashing.

Dubai also offers a a constant series of world class events that attract punters from every sphere and interest group from all destinations around the world, these events constantly fill the multitude of hotels and fuel the tourist industry their arrivals, and departures are linked in by a very smart airline hub.

Spice market street scene, we found the spices aren't as flavoursome as what we buy in Europe, probably with their age and packaging
Many different varieties to botanise over at the

Dubai Restaurants

Dubai is full of restaurants as one can imagine from the very basic to the extreme, take away and eat out deliveries are prolific as to are concepts restaurants & eateries from the whole world. Later during this year’s summer Gault Millau and Michelin will be launching their restaurant guides in Dubai, two very eagerly awaited publications.

The top end of the restaurant scene is extreme with investments and design that leaves one in awe. Multi-cultural themes with pinpoint authenticity and served in ultra-modern establishments.

Some restaurants stick to their theme others offer to a broader guest expectation with standards like sushi/sashimi, wagyu beef selection, international comfort desserts.
Expect decent portions especially with the desserts.

The more exclusive the restaurant the more tailor made and exclusive the table ware will be, I felt that it was often the table ware that dictated the menu presentation.

Some of the old Dubai like this Dhow are still to be found
The Burg Khalifa, building and light show, it comes with it's own logo so you don't forget who built it and where the money came from

World Expo - Dubai

And here we are closing the shop, we had a great time and were part of a great team at the world expo, Dubai as a city will never suit everybody but everybody can make something out of it.