Høyfjellshotell Gaustablikk

Miss Voon Promotion

We just recently hosted an international restaurant promotion at Gaustablikk, we had from neighbouring Sweden's Miss Voon restaurant for a visit. maybe not so international or exciting one may think, From our neighbour?
But Miss Voon is a well established restaurant destination in Stockholm, specialising i n pan Asian fusion food and delivering it at such a high level that it revamped our operation for a few days.
Specialised food and restaurant promotions have been an integral part of the cutting edge of the restaurant industry for many decades, i first came in contact with the concept in the early 1980's "and thats giving away my age". The early years were all about product and destination promotion especially within the expanding tourism industry. the destination concept was later expanded to include the "look at what we can do" big name chef promo with a handful of Michelin stars, black tie dinner, wine makers dinner, ect. Where we, working in the restaurant and  hotel industry could strut our stuff and nourish our ego's. These concepts are still in vogue but also have been joined by the guest expirience promotion offering something new to both the guests and restaurant team.
These successful latter day promotions are somewhat more relaxed and are seen both as a guest orientated marketing event for both parties and as a team building and training event.
Miss Voon with its new to us concepy ticked all the boxes for both our guests as well as out team, exposing many to new idea's, new tastes & new expiriences.

The following menu is built on Signature dishes from Miss voon in Stockholm or any of their franchise restaurants in Sweden.

The lobster tacos on the pass

Drink, Snacks

Drink snacks started in our Kirks bar with kimchi popcorn and goma fish tartare, salmon, himachi and salmon roe on home made rice crisps. Before moving into Gaustablick's a la carte Blikk restaurant.
Drink recommendation - Delamotte Brut, Champagne

The tasting menu

The tasting menu started with a sashimi combo of Salmon, Tuna, Himachi, Scallop and Reindeer loin, presented under the magnolia leaf, a little bit of Japan with a little twist of Norway in one, fusion food is all about combining cultures, it can be achieved successfully with knowledge or ruined by ignorance.
Drink recommendation - Miss Voon Sake

The lobster taco

The lobster taco, a generous 3 pieces per portion, a great little adventure, again fusion/crossover working seamless offering the guests new experiences with everyday food.
"well the taco anyway lobster maybe not an everyday food item"
Drink recommendation - Miss Voon Sake

Salmon tartare

One of Miss Voons favorites salmon tartare wraped in pickled daikon radish, with an ingenious little crispy sushi rice suprise in the middle and topped with jalapeño mayonnaise and ponzu sauce.
Drink recommendation- 2020 Riesling Trocken/Kuntz

Mushroom filled wonton dumplings

The hot dishes started with king oyster mushroom filled wonton dumplings on a bed of nashi pears, the wontons were served in a dashi broth with lots of freshly micro planed winter truffles, a wow taste bomb.

Drink recommendation - Japansk lager 

Anoplopoma fimbria

miso marinated black cod, "Anoplopoma fimbria"
The all purpose fish in the American/asian scene, served on a banana leaf with aubergine, sprouts and sprouting ginger.
Drink recommendation - 2021 Sen Etiqueta Vino Branco, Albarino/ Pedro Mendez

Lamb cutlet

lamb cutlet, this time fresh Norwegian lamb great to see that the local lamb is more than competitive to the standard NZ or Ireland, marinated and grilled with Korean BBQ sauce and served with pickled cucumber and gomadare "sesame" sauce.
also a fantastic taste bomb with the juicy lamb i combination with the sesame sauce.
Drink recommendation - 2020 Tyler Santa Barbara Pinot noir 

Sweet pickled granny smith apple slices

Sweet pickled granny smith apple slices, turned on a fruit lathe and rolled with Vanilla chawanmushi pudding/custard and topped with sweetened ginger.
Drink recommendation - Umeshu

Chocolate fondant

Chocolate fondant "partially eaten" served with a fantastic thai basil ice cream and stewed cherries.
Drink recommendation - Umeshu

Jonas & Misha from Miss Voon in Stockholm

Jonas & Misha from Miss Voon in Stockholm, they did most of the work, the rest of the kitchen team did everything else and more, the service team did a great job, hopefully everybody learnt something new,  I counted the plates and had a great time.
The promotion borrowed from many food cultures seamlessly, this reflects passion and an understanding of these ingredients and cultures.