Kungliga Tennis Hallen

2019 Stockholm Open

Nepo Kitchen Consulting was involved in all the catering aspects of the recent ATP tennis open at Stockholms Kungliga Tennis Hallen,
October 2019.
Doubles match in progress.

A venue with history.

The Venue

What a great venue, get up as close as you can to the players and the action you can really feel the tension and atmosphere. the stadium itself is in fantastic condition a little "stadium" time capsule, well maintained,  comfortable, well appointed and with unrestricted vision for all in comparison to the modern cement and plastic stadiums. It's easy to understand why this tournament is a favourite among both the spectators and players.
Stockholms premier tennis venue the Royal Tennis Hall was built in 1943.
The "kungliga tennishallen", now has a hard-court surface and is the annual venue of the men's Stockholm Open tournament which has ben held here since 1969.
The hall is regularly used for major and club tournaments as well as previous commercial ventures including car launches, boxing bouts and various iconic concerts the likes of Louis Armstrong, David Bowie, the Rolling Stones and the Beatles before they attracted audiences larger than the 5000 seat capacity.
The entrance to the royal venue.

The Sponsor buffet


The buffet set up in the sponsor village was designed for fast service "between matches" 3 buffets with 6 pick up sides and plenty of space between, big enough to swallow 750 guests in a few minutes with as short cue as possible. The three cold buffets were complimented with two dessert/coffee stations and three hot carvery/ hot stations.

the buffet setup
The big buffet hall was built on two indoor tennis courts, a big space and high in the ceiling, we had a prep kitchen, staff area and storage behind the partisans on the right hand side. the flow worked well allowing easy access to the back kitchen area and to refill the buffet. The ambience improved with adjusted lighting, candles and spots.
The set buffet

Sponsor groups were divided into their respective areas, with their own bar areas and access to the buffet, the logistics worked well, standing tables but labour intensive.

Sponsor areas.
Fast food kitchen

The tennis matches


And there was tennis as well, when you are focused on the drift and organisation there's not much of a chance to see or watch the event, but here it is theres always a winner.